Social Psychology of Health and Well-Being

At the Social Psychology of Health and Well-Being Lab at Bar-Ilan University, we investigate the psychological mechanisms that help maintain inequality, and how they contribute to disparities in health, mental health, and well-being.

Applying social psychology to study health and well-being-related outcomes, the lab focuses on two main lines of research:

  • Understanding the effects of dehumanization and objectification on people’s mental, physical, and sexual health
  • Understanding the subtle psychological processes that maintain inequality and finding ways to overcome them
  • Examining the effects of psychological and medical factors on health, mental health and sexual health

We are based at the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine.

As a multidisciplinary lab, we welcome people from various backgrounds: social psychology, clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, health studies, social work, etc. 

We use diverse methodologies including experimental, descriptive, and survey methods as well as analysis of archival data and intervention studies.